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March Organic Property Care was born from a shared love of mental health and organic living.

We merge both in an offering of services in both organic property management and holistic neurodivergent care.


Whether it’s the interior of your family home or your gardens, we apply the principles of organic living to the process of care in each capacity. From carefully selected natural products for use within and outside the home to practices that encourage sustainability, we set you on the path to health and wellness.


Our work doesn’t stop there. An essential component of healthy everyday living is proper mental health. This is why we are dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals across the neurodiversity spectrum. 

We believe that neurodiversity is a natural and valuable aspect of human diversity, and we are committed to providing compassionate, inclusive, and person-centered care to individuals with diverse neurological profiles.


Our team consists of skilled professionals who are dedicated to delivering high-quality service with integrity and professionalism.


We approach our work with empathy, compassion, and respect for the unique experiences and perspectives of each individual we serve.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their expressed needs are well met.


We believe in providing exceptional value for our clients’ investment, delivering results that enhance the value and appeal of their properties.

Proven Success

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What We Do Best

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Through home care, animal care and contractor management, we help you embrace organic living.


Through communication training, social coaching, personal and mental health care, we help neurodivergent individuals develop a more holistic approach to life. 


Spiritual balance is essential to harmony, and we help you find it by removing spiritual dark matter from your personal space.

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